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Why Vegan ?

Why Vegan ?.

The most comprehensive site that I have seen regarding Vegan lifestyle.  It also has a bonanza of Vegan (and Vegetarian) food ideas including other food bloggers, a cookbook, food lists, and recipes.



Butterbean Hummus with Smoked Paprika Oil

great alternative to hummus


Hummus, a dip usually made with chickpeas, is by far my favourite dip. When made correctly, it has such a full and punchy flavour worthy of even the fattest cat’s mezze. As we all know, chickpeas make a truly wonderful hummus. However, with variety being the spice of life, there isn’t any harm in substituting them for a slightly different ingredient. Straying beyond the realm of the humble pulse would prove a little foolish in this case, so there we shall remain. Indeed, butterbeans make a pretty favourable choice, since they possess a particularly smooth and creamy texture. As such, this take on the Middle Eastern classic is equally, if not more, palatable than its esteemed counterpart. The use of paprika to make infused oil may appear a little frivolous on the surface, but it is an integral part to this dish. Not only does it give the hummus a…

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Sweet Potato and Mushroom Biryani « FrugalFeeding

A delicious treat done without any meats or dairy.

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Biryani « FrugalFeeding.

Plant Based Whole Food Diet solve the Debt Crisis

Just throwing out some comments purely to see the responses.

I was reading the Kaiser Health Foundation website which for those of you wondering is relevant to my job in the health insurance field when I read this quote about the costs of health care in the US.

What is driving health care costs?

  • …. Chronic disease – The nature of health care in the U.S. has changed dramatically over the past century with longer life spans and greater prevalence of chronic illnesses. This has placed tremendous demands on the health care system, particularly an increased need for treatment of ongoing illnesses and long-term care services such as nursing homes; it is estimated that health care costs for chronic disease treatment account for over 75% of national health expenditures. [6]

So… I’m thinking that if we spend roughly 16-20% of GDP on health care cost and 75% of that is spend on chronic conditions couldn’t we as a nation cut the National Debt by a significant amount.  Cutting the national debt by such a significant amount would solve a lot of our deficit and debt problems.  Perhaps the super committee is contemplating hiring Jilian Michaels and Dr. Campbell to launch a dual effort to solve our national economic crisis? If we know the answer to reform our diet and get some exercise why don’t we take these easy steps to solve our own problems instead of trying to blame them on someone else?!

Finally I will leave you with a slide from the CBO which seems to be a very powerful black and white summary of our health woes compared to others around the world.   Somehow we manage to have 1/3 more cases of heart disease and diabetes related problems than any of these countries?

Autumnal Indian Soup « FrugalFeeding

Autumnal Indian Soup « FrugalFeeding.

Doughnut/ Donut musings!

So today I’m picking up some doughnuts for a coworker’s birthday at Ray’s Donuts a local shop.  One can certainly tell it is a local place because of the name, Ray’s, and by the colloquial spelling of donut but anyway this is the kind of place where the person behind the counter is the same person that made the doughnuts (or donuts if you prefer) so I had a strong feeling that it there wasn’t going to be any Vegan options but I went ahead and asked the standard questions.  Me: ‘Do your doughnut have both milk and eggs in them?’  Baker/ server/ janitor: ‘Yes’ ; Me: ‘Do you have any that don’t have either one of those?’  Server: ‘No” Me: ‘OK’   I then told her that I will take the large cake donut that might require two hands to extract it from the tray so I do have a breaking point although I only had a small piece and it was a birthday donut.

One another note I have a delicious recipe for spaghetti and meatballs (more like bean balls but that doesn’t sound as appetizing)

5 weeks!

I know that it has been awhile since my last post but things have been a little crazy in our household lately.  I have to admit that one of the toughest things about a Vegan diet is eating out and sharing meals when you have company coming in town.  It is estimated that about .5% of the population is Vegan so I can understand why there are not a lot of Vegan options at most restaurants and it is unlikely that others in your family share the same eating habits but things but not everyone is anti- Vegan as evidence last night with an unexpected visitor.  Special thanks to my neighbors for bringing over non-dairy Vegan stuffed shells.  Here is the recipe for those shells.

I’m very grateful and quite surprised not only that the neighbors dared to make stuffed shells without cheese but that they keep nutritional yeast on hand?