Who is ‘Putdowntheknife?’

Let me tell you a little about me and why I put together this blog.

I live a fairly active lifestyle which includes not only running around with my small children but running a lot.  I consider myself a semi competitive runner although I started running merely as a way to get healthy but the next thing I knew I was addicted.

I have been searching for ways to improve my health as I don’t have the most healthy genes.  I saw my father have two hear attacks.  Luckily he survived them both but I don’t want to go through that if I can help it.  When I started running I thought that my risk for heart disease would go away but it hasn’t completely gone away so I’m again embarking on another journey.

Since reading ‘The China Study’ I’m curious to know if becoming a Vegan will make me a healthier person?

So I’m going on a 90 day crash course to become a Vegan.  I wanted to chronicle my journey and I’m hoping to get any tips and/ or suggestions along the way….


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