delicious smoothie

We tried this delicious smoothie recipe that I created on my own.

What? It’s Vegan you say

A delicious way to get all the fiber and nutrients from fruits and veggies.

– 1 cup chopped carrots.

– 1 apple, peeled and chopped.

– 1/2 banana

– 2 oranges.

Directions: Place the 1 cup of carrots and 1/2 cup water to a microwave safe container then cook for 1.5 minutes.  throw in the apple and cook for another 30 seconds.  Add the cooked apple and carrots and the water to the blender. Add peeled oranges and banana to the mix.  Add about 1 teas. vanilla extract then blend it all together.  I would also suggest adding 1/2 cup ice in order to make it a cool smoothie.

Then belly on up to the bar and enjoy.   Try this recipe out and offer feedback or offer your own favorite smoothie recipe.

Enjoy a Vegan smoothie



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