The season for healthy change

It is late March and all I can see out my window is white. Yesterday we got pummeled by 11 inches of the biggest, powdery snow you can imagine.  It causes me to wonder “What happened to spring?”  It is nearly April 1st but I’m seeing so much snow outside that the branches of the large tree outside my window are bending over at such extreme angles they must be near their breaking point.  Spring is a season of change to warmer weather and bright flowers but somehow the expected change has been forcibly halted by huge snow drifts covering everything including my nearly budding lilac tree.  The late spring snowstorm can certainly be a metaphor for our personal lives.  We start out (usually around the 1st of January) with the best of intentions to change our lives and move in another direction but,  as often, is the case we get slammed.  Right before we are about to ‘blossom’ we suddenly grind to a near stop and feel like we are not making any progress.  During trying times like these I have to remind myself of the best marathon running advice I ever received.  You see, running a marathon is easy you just have to put one foot in front of the other then repeat.  The difficult part about making wholesale change in our lives and running a marathon is to stick with it and continue to just put one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes while trudging through the metaphorical snow we may feel defeated and small but just remember that you are making some progress and eventually the “snow” will melt.   Once the snow melts off the ground in front of my window I will see the first signs of spring but for right now I just have to hold out hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Just like trudging through the snow make it more difficult to get to your destination;  your friends, critics, and our inner selves make it more difficult to reach your destination.  Don’t forget to keep putting one in front of the other and even though you are making small steps you will eventually the snow will melt and you will begin to see the signs of change.  As I have gone through my health journey I have experienced these difficult times that I will call spring snowstorms but I just tried to keep plugging along.  What is your ‘spring snow storm?’ I’m reminded of my friend Heather’s journey to lose weight and become healthier.  I’m sure that she experience days, or weeks when she was discouraged that progress was not coming fast enough and she wouldn’t become the person that she wanted to be.  Still in the face of the piling snow she continued to just put one foot in front of the other and eventually lost over 120 pounds.  Now she is a healthier, happier person and a mom-to-be as well as being unrecognizable as the person she was before. 

I hope that I can inspire you to make small changes to lead to a healthier you even if those small steps are complicated by the driving snow.

Try it tonight by making a delicious Vegan pizza and try watching the movie  Hungry for Change


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